Thursday, October 8, 2009

Falling behind

My goodness! I have not been good keeping up with this blog. I really need to be more vigilant. However, in my defense I have been really busy. First of all school started the end of August. This is the first year that all of my children are in school. Of course the start of school marks the beginning of canning season. My garden has been abundant in cucumbers and tomatoes. I also managed to acquire peaches, pears,concord grapes, and apricots from neighbors and a local farmers market. So far this year I have canned pickles, stewed tomatoes, peaches, pears, apricot jam, blueberry peach jam, and grape juice. I've canned literally HUNDREDS of bottles of yummy goodness that we'll be able to enjoy over the months to come. My next project will be to find apples for applesauce and apple pie filling.

I'm also busy now looking at ways to earn income from home. I did go to some classes and became licensed as a mortgage loan officer. However, I quickly discovered that the real estate market is not for me! I absolutely detest it and dealing with it stressed me out to where I was making myself sick. So, I'm leaving that line work.

After some deep soul searching I decided to go back to what I know and love. I'm going to be starting a children's music class. I'm looking at teaching children between the ages of 3-7 the basics and fundamentals of music.

I've also decided to give of myself. I have been so blessed in my life. I really want to give back. I am starting a foundation called "Warm Hearts, Warm Hands". This foundation will be comprised of knitters, crocheter's and people that can sew in general. The goal here is to make hats, gloves, mittens, blankets, and toys to be donated to shelters for women and children who have left a domestic violence situation. Hats, blankets, and toys will also be donated to hospitals for babies and children. Of course donations will gladly be accepted. I really want this foundation to grow.

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