Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My garden

My garden is coming up beautifully! I can't believe how fast things are starting to grow. Of course out here in Utah we've had a lot of rain lately. This has not been a typical Utah summer. We're in the desert so usually our summers are hot and dry. The rain has been a nice treat for our plants out here!
Between the rain and the "super soil" my veggies are coming up rather quick.
I am amazed at how little time and effort I am putting in to my garden right now. The hardest part literally was building the boxes and mixing the soil. I have so much coming up right now. Today, as I was out surveying I found that I now have radishes, green beans, corn, cucumbers, peas, beets, spinach, lettuce, and I saw a pumpkin coming up too! Of course I planted a few tomatoes.
Here's a few pics of my garden that I took a few days ago. I'll take some more some time next week so that you can see the difference.
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The last picture is my strawberry bed. I put it in a different spot in the yard. I used the same soil mix but didn't section it off. I have both June bearing and ever bearing strawberries. I probably won't see too many strawberries this year but next year I should have enough to can a nice batch of strawberry jam. YUM!
Unfortunately some of my strawberry plants are having a tough time. My neighbor brought them to me, but they had been sitting in a hot car all day. A few of them have snapped out of it, but I think some of the other plants have died. No biggie though, the plants that survived are already sending out runners.

On the rest of the home front. The children are adapting rather well to no TV. That's right we have canceled all TV services at our house.We don't even have rabbit ears around here. At the beginning of the summer I put together an art box for the kids. I keep it well stocked with various craft projects, construction paper, glue, scissors, markers, crayons, colored pencils, etc...
Last week grandma sent the girls a book of paper dolls. Earlier tonight they were busy cutting out the dolls and some of the clothes for them.
I must say that canceling the TV was one of the best things we ever did. It not only saves us $$$ but it's allowed our children to become more creative with their time.

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  1. Your garden is gorgeous! Are the sections permanent? I had a removable section area in my previous raised bed to make tilling the soil easier.

    Yay to no TV! Do you still have movies that you all watch? I've not missed TV in all the 12 years I've been without it, yet I do enjoy sitting with a knitting project and a movie in the cold of winter.

    I used to love paper dolls when I was little. I would trace the dolls onto a fresh sheet of paper and draw new clothes for them. The hardest part was remembering to cut the tabs onto the new frock. Without tabs, they can't wear the clothes. It about killed me when I spent 20 minutes drawing an intricately patterned gown and forgot to cut the tabs into it. The tragedies of youth. *dramatic sigh*

    Breathe deeply,
    Laugh with abandon,
    Love wholly,
    Eat well.

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